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Show 4 Notes – the Engine Room

The engine room in any business is vital to the success of the enterprise. It supports the sales and marketing strategy and gives structure to the whole business. in episode 4 Murray talks a bout the PLOTSPOC Infrastructure document which we have provided for download. Please click on the link below to download this document. […]

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VIDEO – It’s Your Business – Your Dream Team

This is part three of the show It’s Your Business produced and presented by Wayne Turner and co-presented by resident entrepreneurial expert, Murray Kilgour. The show takes the form of an interview with guests who have succeeded in implementing the subject under discussion. The third show looks at the importance of a dream team. DOWNLOAD DREAM TEAM SHOW NOTES […]

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Show 3 Notes – Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial business. Implementing a successful marketing strategy is crucial to the survival of any business. The Marketing Wagonwheel, matric and skyline are three of the documents referred to in the TV show. We have provided these 3 documents for you to download in order to help you […]

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Show 2 Notes – Your Dream Team

My business partner used to tell me that a dwarf can look like a giant when they are standing on a giant’s shoulders. I was a dwarf in my knowledge of oraganisational consulting until I met John and hopped on his shoulders. Within four years I had learned so much from him that I was […]

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VIDEO : 10 Ways to Have a Bad Day

We all face days that are really bad and sometimes there is now option but to weather the storm and start afresh the next day. But, there are ways to prevent this happening. Murray takes a tongue in cheek look at 10 ways to have a bad day.

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5 Ways to Lose Your Business

5 Ways to Lose Your Business

This might sound like just a business podcast, but, the principles apply to all us. If you promise to do something whether in business or life in general, always follow through. It’s your reputation that is at stake.

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